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david amos

director / co-founder

A lighting designer with tremendously varied experience across corporate and live events, david set up Flare in 2008 having worked extensively as a freelancer in the industry. David may also be found on a tennis court, on a dog walk or in front of a piano.

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benjamin cash

director / co-founder

Designer, programmer  and realiser with extensive experience in a variety of live settings and roles over 25 years in the industry. Ben's skill set comes from pushing the limits of design and what can be achieved. In his natural habitat Ben can be found laughing with his offspring or watching classic Japanese horror (once the kids are in bed.)

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ben donoghue

lighting designer

A designer passionate about music, with particular interest and experience in lighting for immersive performance and events in unconventional settings. Ben joined Flare in 2019 following  several years at global creative agency  Imagination. When not working with light you'll always find ben in the kitchen (at parties?)

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alex mcmanus

lighting associate

As a lighting associate, Alex enjoys balancing spending time on site with experimenting and innovating in the world of cross-platform concept rendering and drafting. He’s also passionate about live music, skiing and is often seen taking photos.

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...alongside our core team flare works with a community of associate creators and technical specialists to innovate and deliver across all areas of live design and production